Friday, February 24, 2012

More New Releases

A lot of great new music dropped this week; Grimes, Sleigh Bells, and Dustin Wong. Oh, not to mention a brand new album from Cursive. The latest one from the legendary indie band is called I Am Gemini. This album has really great rock. Great classic Cursive sound with some new elements that are added. Check out the entire album here.
Next up is another rocking band called Sleigh Bells. Their second album Reign Of Terror is all up in your face. The classic rock influence mixed with intrusive pop is Sleigh Bells' style and they show that with this album again. Check out the new one here.
Another Treefort Music Fest performer, Dustin Wong, also came out with an album this week called Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads. If you love the band Delicate Steve, you will love Dustin Wong. He handles each song with great care, with master guitar layering and an amazing build up for every track. It's a really great album, mostly instrumental with some jam band qualities to it. Check out some of his stuff here and buy his album here and also check out the trippy video below.

Last but not least is the brand new one from Grimes titled Visions. She has a great voice and amazing talent in the electro-pop field of music. Bouncy synth bass with the high falsetto vocals makes a some what dub-y quality to her music. Check out the album here.

Monday, February 20, 2012

First Aid Kit + Sun Angle

Hey everyone, I've been sort of lazy this past week, but I've got some great music for you today. We'll start with First Aid Kit. Their latest effort is called The Lion's Roar and it is a beautiful epic folk album. The leading ladies have got some of the greatest harmonies I've heard in a while. The country twang to their sound makes it kind of hard to believe they are from Sweden, but it's true. Make sure to check it out here and their older stuff here and my favorite track below.

Next up is a band I just saw live last week and I thoroughly enjoyed their music very much, they are called Sun Angle. Amazing drumming, shredding guitar, and heavily reverb and echo-y vocals are the cornerstone for this band. They are very fun to listen to. I mean how can you not love that drummer. Some very superb music, name your own price for their EP here, or listen to it below.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Tuesday! Here's Some New Music

What a great day it is today. Valentines, the anniversary of Oregon becoming a state, and it's my Friday! So let's celebrate with some new releases today.
First up is Heartless Bastards with their latest effort Arrow. Some really awesome rock 'n' roll on this album. Put some smoky female vocals on top of that care free type of rock and you got yourself a great album. Check out all of it below then go buy it on their website here. Make sure to check out that "Only For You" track.

Next is a band called Field Music. Their latest album Plumb is a much different affair than Heartless Bastards. Field Music is a kind of pop, folk, psychedelic rock band. It's a pretty cool and unique sound that they have going on. Check them out here.
I believe I shared this next band a couple weeks ago but they did finally come out with their first length Melt. I'm talking about the band Young Magic. Man, oh man! I love this album. Quite possibly an early contender for album of the year. Great chill wave sounds coming from these guys, a great debut album. Check it out below then buy it via Carpark Records here.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mr. Gnome + Tennis

Some really great music for you all today. Starting off with a rocking band from Cleveland, Ohio, Mr. Gnome. Their latest album, Madness in Miniature came out in October of last year, and it's really good. Lots of rock with the sweet female vocals over the top makes for a beautiful type of chaos. You can check out all their music on their website here, or stream the newest one below. My favorite track is that first one "Ate the Sun."

Next up is another cool band from Colorado called Tennis. Another great female vocalist, but this band is more on the roll side of rock and roll. Their latest album Young and Old comes out next Tuesday, but fear not, you can stream before you buy it down below. Make sure you check out the track "Origins," it's one of those songs that reminds me how much I love music. By the way both of these bands will be at the Treefort Music Festival.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Air + Band Of Skulls

This week saw the release of Air's newest full length Le voyage dans la lune. That's right it's a modern soundtrack to one of the earliest films made. I really enjoy this soundtrack full length, the mostly instrumental with a science fiction feel to it, makes for a nice relaxing listen. Check out the album in it's entirety here.
The next significant release this week was Band Of Skulls' second full length Sweet Sour. The album starts off with the rocking single "Sweet Sour" and it doesn't look back after. With clanging guitars and a great streamlined drum beat this band is looking to become one of the hottest new rock 'n' roll groups out there. Make sure to check out the album here, and the single down below.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Treefort Music Festival

To whoever says that Boise, Idaho doesn't know how to party will be proven wrong with the inaugural Treefort Music Fest happening at the end of March. This is one of the most stacked lineups of unknown independent bands I have seen! The headliners for the music fest are Built To Spill, Why?, and Of Montreal. With supporting bands such as Blitzen Trapper, Delicate Steve, Typhoon, and Finn Riggins, and a 4-day pass costing only 79 dollars there's really no excuse not to see this festival. Below are some excellent examples of why everyone should come to Treefort.
Desert Noises have a great sound that reminds me of a certain band named Fleet Foxes. Really catchy drums and groovin' bass lines makes it more uptempo, yet still sounds like a crisp sunny morning. Make sure you check out their album Mountain Sea on the bandcamp site. Also check out the awesome single "Oak Tree" below.

Next band I want to share is Red Hands Black Feet, an instrumental band that have heavy influence from Modest Mouse, Russian Circles, and Minus The Bear. They build up each track so well to a sometimes overwhelming climax, your not sure what just happened until after the fact. Check out their stuff here.

Last one for tonight is Shades. Their debut album Clear Motions just dropped last month, and I assure you it is a must listen. They have a great electro-pop chill wave sound going on. Great beats and cool vocals fill this album so go and check it out on their soundcloud page here.