Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lots of Music

Some great new stuff to bring to you all. First off is Brilliant Colors with their second album Again and Again. They are another great surfer girl band that reminds me of Dum Dum Girls and Veronica Falls. Find it here.
Next up is the awesome band Phantogram with their new EP release Nightlife. I really like this band and the new EP doesn't disappoint. This is the kind of pop that should be in the top 40 but until it is you can listen to it here.
Pictureplane is a great electronic band that reminds me of Starfucker. They just came out with a new album in July called Thee Physical, but I also really enjoy their 2009 release Dark Rift. Check out the new album here and their best song (in my opinion) below.

One of my new favorites has got to be Shimmering Stars with their debut album Violent Hearts. They have a cool lo-fi indie sound that is vaguely like the band Cults. It's very cool stuff so check it out here.
And of course one of my favorite bands has come out with a new EP titled Tarot Classics. I'm talking about Surfer Blood. If you don't know them you must check out Astro Coast as well as the new EP. They chilled their sound out a little bit more for this four song set which makes for better Fall listening. "I'm Not Ready" is my favorite track off of it. Listen to them all here.

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